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By Means of Smoke Cooking School

Oct 15, 2022

Love, Linda Vista is proud to partner with Brian Goeltzenleuchter and coordinated by New York City chef Tessa Liebman to bring this socially engaged artwork on October 15 at Linda Vista Community Park.

By Means of Smoke is a free cooking school in which participants can learn recipes and foodways from members of the diverse communities that make up the San Diego neighborhood of Linda Vista.

SOLD OUT Timtimo with Aster - 10AM-11:30AM, Saturday, October 15 Come explore a delicious staple in many Ethiopian and Eritrean home kitchens: Berbere Timtimo. Used in a varied of dishes, berbere is bursting with complex smells and flavors. A traditional mix of whole spices, berbere is toasted and ground for maximum flavor. At this special session, you’ll learn how to integrate berbere into timtimo, a vegan dish of red lentils, caramelized onions, ginger and garlic.

SOLD OUT Chicken Inasal with Amelia - 12PM-1:30PM, Saturday, October 15 Learn how to make a dish that’s garnered fame beyond its roots in the Philippines: Chicken Inasal. Don’t let the simple grilling fool you; the citrus and peppery marinade and basting sauce makes this dish worthy of your attention! Traditionally char-grilled or roasted, this dish is a favorite of street vendors and family cooks alike.

SOLD OUT Sumac Dusted Kabab with Maysaa - 2PM-3:30PM, Saturday, October 15 Enjoy learning about this succulent favorite that originated in the Middle East! Something wonderful happens when delicious ground beef and lamb, lamb fat, and citrusy red sumac combine over fire to produce a smokey, charred crust with a juicy, sweet and sour center. It’s an instant crowd pleaser at any outdoor gathering.

Michoacán Style Mole with Carmen - 4PM-5:30PM, Saturday, October 15 Enjoy a succulent and complex combination of dried chiles, spices, and nuts that make up the broad class of sauce known in Mexico as mole! Learn about Michoacán mole - a dark, thick sauce that perfectly complements the preparation of any cut of meat. Note: This recipe contains peanuts, sesame seeds, and pork fat.

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