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Earth Day 2023

Apr 20, 2023

From The Linda Vista Updates Newsletter (Special April 18th Edition) :

The Bayside Community Center and the Love, Linda Vista Farmers Market are teaming up together this Thursday April 20 for an early celebration of Earth Day 2023. The celebration will involve a combination of growing, learning and artistic activity. During Thursday’s Farmers Market, Bayside will operate a booth at which representatives of the Bayside Environmental Learning Center (BELC) will be distributing twenty 5-gallon grow bags to local residents.  This distribution will begin at 4:00 pm.  The grow bags are intended to give people the opportunity to experience growing a culinary herb like cilantro or basil before they advance to growing vegetables.  The grow bag giveaway will contain a starter plant and seeds.  As explained by Amy Zink, BELC program manager, “Herbs are much easier to grow.  If you are successful growing them, they can serve as a gateway to growing vegetables.”  As part of distributing the vegetables, Bayside representatives will screen individuals to make sure they have some “grow space” at their respective residences.  “Herbs don’t do well inside,” Zink advises, “So we want to make sure interested people have an outdoor area, even if it’s space on an apartment balcony.”  The grow bags will be accompanied by a watering can. Interested individuals will also receive advice on effectively growing the starters plants and planting the seeds.   

In addition to distributing the grow bags, families visiting the Bayside booth will be able to enjoy seed art packages. This activity will involve using seeds as a fun, creative way to express their appreciation of plants and vegetables.

Finally, people visiting the booth will also get the opportunity to learn about progress being made toward building the proposed Community Garden which will be built at the Linda Vista Neighborhood Park and Recreation Center.

Amy Zink enthusiastically advises that whether or not they are interested in obtaining a grow bag Linda Vista residents should “Just come out to the Farmers Market this Thursday and celebrate Earth Day with us.”

Jonathan Widener, the president of the Love, Linda Vista Farmers Market also encourages local residents to attend the Farmers Market and visit the Bayside booth. “We are proud to once again partner up with Bayside Community Center—this time to celebrate Earth Day.  We want people to check out what all of our farmers market vendors are selling, to include fresh fruits and vegetables, and to take advantage of the opportunity to learn a little about gardening from Bayside’s Environmental Learning Center.  What a great way to celebrate Earth Day in Linda Vista!”   


The Bayside Community Center teamed up with the Love, Linda Vista Farmers Market to conduct an early celebration of Earth Day. As part of the celebration, Bayside’s Environmental Learning Center (BELC) gave out twenty Grow Bags to provide local residents the opportunity to experience growing culinary herbs. BELC representatives assisted these residents plant the herb they picked in their grow bag at the booth, and gave them planting, watering and growing tips.

Congratulations to Bayside Community Center for conducting such a fun and informative Earth Day activity.

Source: Bayside Community Center

Photos from the Earth Day 2023 event

Bayside rep Tomasa Ruiz (right) gives planting tips to family
Bayside rep Tomasa Ruiz (right) gives planting tips to family

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