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Love, Linda Vista at the Linda Vista Multicultural Fair 2023

Apr 29, 2023

The 38th Annual Linda Vista Multicultural Fair & Parade was held on April 29th from 10am-5pm.

This was the first year that Love, Linda Vista Inc. held a booth at the fair so it sure was a special one! Our booth was right next to the Linda Vista Town Council booth and we had front row seats to the Parade! Coupons to the Farmers Market were given away to those who stopped by. We were pleased to see many familiar faces and to meet many other Linda Vistans and San Diegans for the first time.

Big thank you to Linda Vista Multicultural Fair & Parade for such an amazing event this year!

Left to right:

Steve (VP), Tomasa (Board Member), Maya (Secretary), Jonathan (President), Nguyen (Board Member)

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